Frequently asked questions

How long will the HurtSkurt™ stay cold?

The stretch stitching and fabric that the Skurt is made of allows the panels inside the HurtSkurt™ to be 100% gel. The HurtSkurt™ will remain cold for a long time, 5x longer than ice; far longer than the recommended 20 minute therapy session, so you can use one Skurt in multiple locations on your body without having to re-freeze it. Times will vary depending on the environment you are in, and the heat your body is emitting. If you place your frozen HurtSkurt™ in a quality cooler (we suggest the Hula Cula! - http://hulacula.com) your Skurt will stay frozen all day long and will be frozen and ready for use when you take it out hours later!

How long does the HurtSkurt™ stay hot?

When microwaved appropriately, the HurtSkurt™ will remain hot/warm for approximately 30-45 minutes, more than enough time for the recommended 20 minute therapy session. Times will vary depending on the environment the Skurt is in.

Do I have to freeze the HurtSkurt™?

No, you don’t have to freeze the HurtSkurt™, you can keep it in the refrigerator for an effective soothing cool therapy, the gel panels will not be frozen solid. This offers a more subtle, comfortable experience.

What else can I use my HurtSkurt™ for, other than on my body?

The HurtSkurt™ works amazingly well as a food & drink ice pack or heating pack! The original Skurt, called the HulaSkurt™, was actually developed for use in coolers to keep drinks cold or hot. They work as a targeted heating/cooling system, keeping drinks hot or cold by wrapping itself around the targeted item. A proven way of heating or cooling drinks more efficiently and effectively! You can chill wine, keep coffee hot, or use outside of the cooler/refrigerator as a mobile koozie.

Can I use more than one HurtSkurt™ at a time?

Yes, absolutely! If you have multiple areas of soreness or injury feel free to wear multiple Hurtskurts™ on the desired parts of your body.

Do I need to put anything in between the HurtSkurt™ and my skin?

No, the HurtSkurt™ has the fabric layer built in to protect your skin from the heat or cold. But DO NOT wear your HurtSkurt™ longer than the recommended 20 minute session per body part. Extended exposure can cause skin and nerve damage. If the HurtSkurt™ is uncomfortable on your body at any time, take it off immediately. It is meant to be a pleasant and comforting sensation, not painful in any way.

Can I put my HurtSkurt™ in the oven?

NO! The HurtSkurt™ is made of fabric and gel packs that may ignite leading to serious injury and fires. DO NOT PUT THE HurtSkurt™ IN THE OVEN!

How do I clean my Hurt Skurt™?

Your HurtSkurt™ is intended to be durable, long-lasting and washable. We recommend washing your HurtSkurt™ by hand and then hang drying to get the longest life out of your HurtSkurt™.

Can I wear my HurtSkurt™ while working out?

The HurtSkurt™ is intended for muscle and joint warm-up and recovery, not as a harnessing brace. Though you can be mobile, and active, with your HurtSkurt™ on, we do not recommend wearing your Hurt Skurt™ during any type of vigorous exercise, due to the fact that gel packs may burst when put under high pressure, which can occur in the knee and elbow area when bending at the articulation points.

When should I use cold therapy?

Icing is meant to decrease inflammation and swelling. Icing should be used on acute injuries such as a pulled muscle or in the inflammatory stage of an injury which typically occurs in the first 72 hours.

When should I use heat therapy?

Typically heat can be used 72 hours after an injury occurs. Heat is also used for more long term chronic injuries. Use heat when you are experiencing dull achy pain and muscle tightness, to help increase blood flow to the affected area.

Can I microwave the HurtSkurt™ if it is frozen?

Defrost your HurtSkurt™ before microwaving. You may defrost it in the microwave on the defrost setting, or simply leave it out of the freezer until it is no longer frozen.

How long should I microwave my HurtSkurt™ for?

This is a very important question! 1. The different sizes heat up at different times. The small will heat up within 30 seconds, the medium 45 seconds, and the large 1 minute. But diffferent microwaves work at different levels of power, so be very cautious the first few times you microwave your HurtSkurt™. Try heating them for 15-20 seconds at a time until you reach your desired temperature. If you microwave your HurtSkurt™ for too long on a high setting, it will cause the gel panel to expand and break. DO NOT OVERHEAT! As you heat up the Skurt, at each increment, test the temperature on your skin. The fabric will not feel warm, so you must press it against your skin to feel the temperature. The Skurt may not feel very hot to the touch, but once you put it on, the heat becomes far more apparent. After a few uses you will know exactly the setting to heat your HurtSkurt™ in your microwave.

Can I fly with the HurtSkurt™?

Only in checked bags or when frozen. While gel is in liquid form it does not comply with TSA, so it may be taken away if you try to carry it on the plane. Please be advised. If you have questions, please contact TSA at your departure airport.

How do I use a HurtSkurt™?

Your HurtSkurt™ is the most convenient way to apply cold or hot therapy on your muscles and joints. Simply grab out of your freezer, refrigerator, or cooler, slide it on your arm or leg, and go about your day! We recommend you store your Skurts in your freezer at home and they will be ready to go whenver you need them. Simply open your freezer door and slide them on your arm or leg and go! If you are using your Skurt for heat therapy, your Skurt should be at room temperature before heating. You can defrost at room temperature, or on the defrost setting in your microwave. See "How do I heat my HurtSkurt™?" for more information.

What if I want to use my HurtSkurt™ when I am not at home?

One of the greatest attributes of the HurtSkurt™ is how long it will stay frozen. If you place your frozen HurtSkurt™ in a quality cooler (we suggest the Hula Cula! - http://hulacula.com) your Skurt will stay frozen all day long and will be frozen and ready for use when you take it out hours later!