We designed HurtSkurt® to be very flexible to fit a wide range of people while offering comfort AND compression. We currently offer three sizes, with an XL coming soon that will stretch wider than the medium or large.

Small - 5"(1 panel) tall with 14" max circumference

Medium - 9" (2 panels) tall with 20" max circumference

Large - 13" (3 panels) tall with 20" max circumference

The XL will be 9" (2 panels) tall with 28" max circumference

Some people need more stretch. We DO have a few tricks to help you with your fit, if yours is too tight!

1. There is an elastic in the top and bottom hem to aid in smaller fits, but it is not a critical component of the HurtSkurt®. You may make a small incision on the inside of the hem and snip that elastic. We suggest you do this one hem at a time, since snipping one may do the trick for you. You will gain several more inches of stretch with this simple trick, without compromising the function or look of your HurtSkurt® in any way. The entire product is designed to stretch-to-fit.

2. You can microwave your HurtSkurt® for a few seconds to warm it up when you first get it and give it a good stretch. As with any new product, it may be a little stiff when you first open it. Heating it and stretching it will help it stretch out for you. Like a nice pair of jeans, your HurtSkurt® will wget more and more comfortable with time and use.

3. You don't have to freeze your HurtSkurt®. When frozen, the 100% gel inside your HurtSkurt® will freeze solid, which allows us to be the leading product for temperature retention, and also keeps us from having to use anti-freeze chemicals to keep our gel soft. BUT, many prefer the softer feel of the gel, and you can achieve this by storing your HurtSkurt® in the fridge instead of the freezer. You will still get a solid 20 minutes of therapeutic temperature, but retain the softer feel and a little more flexibility.

We hope this helps, and please contact us at with any other questions or concerns!

- The HurtSkurt® team