How does the HurtSkurt® work?

The HurtSkurt® is a revolutionary, patent-pending stretch-to-fit hot/cold gel sleeve designed to make muscle and joint recovery more effective, convenient, fashionable and fun! We call it FUNCSHION™ - Fun, Function and Fashion all in one!

There is simply no better way to ice down your joints, or apply soothing therapeutic heat to your muscles than the HurtSkurt®. Just grab it from the freezer, or throw it in the microwave, and slide it on. The flexible fabric is extremely stretchy and durable, allowing us to use 100% gel inside the panels, so even when frozen solid, it will slide all the way up your arm or leg and stay there! The gel stays frozen a very long time, and the 360 degree environment it creates will envelope your limbs with a pure penetrating treatment.

One of the most exciting things about the HurtSkurt® is that you will be able to go about your day while receiving treatment. With its articulated joints, it will move with you, allowing you to walk, drive and work while wearing it. No more ice bags wrapped in bandages, no more waking up in a puddle of water after a bag of ice melted all over your bed, no more ugly, scratchy harness devices that loosen and fall off, and no more having to lay on the couch holding an ice pack in place. Not only that, our fun, colorful patterns make the HurtSkurt® a whole lot more fun to wear!

The HurtSkurt® is built to last. Its durable fabric with high quality stretch stitching is washable and should last you for years of every day use.

You can also use the HurtSkurt® for drinks. There is no better way to keep your drinks cold in a cooler than a HurtSkurt®. The same way that is creates a 360 degree environment on your body, it creates a targeted cooling environment for your drinks, cooling the drinks first, rather than the air around them like other ice packs do.

All of these attributes make the HurtSkurt® an item you simply can't get enough of, an item you will use every day. Some have called it a life-changer, and we don't disagree. Find out for yourself!


Why are our designs in Hawaiian patterns?

Joe and Digger have been lifelong friends and have shared a passion for design ever since their early days in school together. They also shared a love of Hawaiian design and anything to do with surfing. The funny thing about that is, they grew up in New Hampshire and neither  had been to Hawaii or surfed! But, Joe and Digger would wear Hawaiian clothes, including shorts, in the middle of our sub zero winters and dream that someday they would be hitting those warm, tropical, sunny beaches of Hawaii and surfing the curl! As a side note: To illustrate how New Hampshire we are - no one from warm, tropical, sunny beaches ever says that!

Their friendship has continued into the business world. Joe owns a design and screen printing company and Digger owns a beer company. Together they have designed most of Digger's companie's uniforms for the past 25 years and Digger is happy to say that he has driven Joe crazy along the way. In their design process, they always looked to create a uniform that would put a smile on someone's face. They would try to incorporate some Hawaiian feel any chance that they could, which makes no sense seeing how it's a beer company in New England, but that is just the point, why not make the uniforms fun! If you could wear a uniform that puts a smile on your face, then even Monday’s wouldn’t seem so bad! Through this thinking and time spent together designing, they came up with the idea of the HurtSkurt®. Well actually, The Hula Cula (more on that soon) came first - But the HurtSkurt® was born from that. 

This has gotten them to where we are today. Joe and Digger have created this company and the products from a lifetime spent together designing and creating wearables that put a smile on your face. Now, our goal is to Skurt every Hurt in Fun, Functional and Fashionable prints that are easy to slip on and allow you to go about your day as you too can dream about those warm, sunny tropical beaches while wearing our awesome Hawaiian prints!


Joe and Digger